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We help with Siberian Husky Rescue and Re-Homing

Mikulov Siberian Huskies

Our happy, healthy, country raised Siberian Huskies are consistent winners in the show ring, easily gaining their Championship titles, are worked for Obedience, Agility, Endurance, Flyball and since 2011  -  Dancing with Dogs and Heelwork To Music and also Rally O titles or are chosen as family pets and loving, long lived companions. 


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                  "Where our

well balanced dogs

have titles at both ends

of their names"



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Richard & Mara Herba

Phone: (Australia) 61 2  6236 6404

Mail:  PO Box 51  Captains Flat  New South Wales  2623  


Picnic In The Park

Sunday 9 October at Parramatta Park  -  Sydney

Car park - off O'Connell Street


organised by the Siberian Husky Club of NSW you are invited at join us from 10.30 am

Bring the family, some chairs, a picnic, a few sausages

(B B Q available)


and don't forget the dogs, their leashes & bowls and some water


The Picnic Site is indicated here on this map



Fun activities for you to join in with your dog


from 11.30 am

Most of these fun events will be held in heats of 5 participants  -  free entry


1.      T shirt dress race:   Owners to dress their dog in a T shirt and run a set distance with the T shirt intact. Dog to remain on leash.


2.       Baldest Siberian Husky   ‑   show off your hairless dog   ‑ the one which you have spent 3 weeks brushing and vacuuming the floors over.


3.      11 legged race:   Teams made up of two people and two dogs. The inner legs of the people are tied together. Dogs on leash at all times. The teams race over a set distance.


4.      Vocal dog Dog who can make the loudest noise

     5.      Tricks:    each dog does a trick ‑ on or off leash ( Spectators vote for winner )

Plenty of doggy treats as prizes on offer for your dog's enjoyment


 1.00 pm

 Parade of Veterans     ‑    over 7 years old  -  trophies for the oldest male and female Siberian Husky present at this event



Parade of rescued dogs   ‑   your opportunity to say a few words about the dog who has come to share your life and home.

Want more information?

Tiffany  -                   Malcolm   -   9635 5659



2016  -  our updates


Jingles  -  25 September   -  Passed the Coursing Ability Test for the first time with a score of 188 / 200

1 August - 17 September - we travelled on an amazing trip through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia  -  a lot of fun on our winter break

Jingles  -  7 August  -  Second Junior Courser Qualification with 2 runs for his JC title - a breed FIRST for Australia!

Cooper  -  2 July  -  came 2nd in Dances Freestyle for his Free Style Novice title

Jingles  -  2 July  -  pulled 340 kg for his first Qualifying Certificate in Weight Pull

Jingles  -  19 June  -  First Junior Courser Qualification with 2 runs and a total of 164.5 / 200 points

Jingles  -  21 May  -  won Heelwork to Music twice for his HTM.Starters title  -  only the second Siberian Husky in Australia with this title  (the other being our memorable red dog, Taxi)

Loki  -  8  May  -  passed Rally O Novice for his 3rd Qualification, and his Rally O Novice (RN) title

Cooper  -  22 February  -  won Dances Freestyle twice for his FS.S title - easy for a Golden Retriever!

Brandy  -   10 February  -  won Rally O Novice for her 3rd Qualification, and her Rally O Novice (RN) title  -  quite easy for a Golden Retriever!






Wanting to add a Siberian Husky to your family? 

Please read a summary of this wonderful and different breed


The Siberian Husky is a northern breed sled dog, which means they have lots of fur and lots of energy and the desire to run fast and far.


They don't like to be left alone, so they do best in an active household with a secure fence, no cats, and at least one other dog.


They are fun, smart, funny and paired with the right trainer and technique, trainable with many excelling in agility and obedience work as well as sled racing.


These dogs must be permitted inside the house and taken on family activities and outings.


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In 2014 we trekked around Europe!  Pictures here





 Looking for a very different memento of your dog?


pastel drawings ~  ceramic brooches / pendants  ~  tiles



all drawn from your original photos


Inquiries to  Linda Kratz



Boarding your pet

in Canberra?


Bendora Boarding Kennels and Cattery


Federal Highway, Watson ACT

To book your pet in:

Phone:  6241 1042 

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Patches - titled in six different disciplines

-       an Australian record which will never be equalled



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